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Nationwide Tax Advocates (NTA) specializes in helping individuals get their debt reduced and resolved. Our goal is to make our clients happy and satisfied. We are dedicated to give you the best experience and it's risk free with our 100% Money Back Guarantee (applies to the tax investigation). Call us for more information.

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Reviews from our Clients

“I would not hesitate to refer anyone that needs help with their tax resolution. Nationwide Tax Advocates did an excellent job with my past taxes. They filed several years for me and put me in a hardship program because I qualified for it due to my low income. Other companies were offering to file my taxes and set me up into making monthly payments. I am telling you guys they are great!”

- Debra H.

“My husband and I were both getting garnished and had a lien on our house. They tell you they can help, and boy do they!! We had a Tax Problem since 2007. We tried another resolution company and they just took our Money! The burden is off our shoulders and what a relief! They are there for you EVERY STEP of the process. I give them a AAA Rating! Thank you Nationwide from the Bottom of my Heart!”

- Catherine T.

“These people helped my wife and I with our tax liability with both the IRS and state. They got us up to date with filing our taxes and negotiated down substantially which we paid off immediately. We have already referred some people to them. We are very very happy and satisfied!”

- Cristian R.

“Nationwide was very helpful throughout the process. They were able to settle our debt to a small amount. They were understanding of my situation, I would definitely recommend them!!! I get tax refunds now!!!”

They’re great at there job

- Jaybe F.

 “If you’re in serious tax debt, I recommend these guys completely, 100 percent. It’s not a scam, it’s not fake, it’s real. They will really take care of you, they got me an offer in compromise!”

- Sean M.

” I am a truck driver which means I am self employed 1099 income, Nationwide got me in compliance with my taxes and settled my debt to 10% of what I owed so, I just paid the IRS off. I already referred a couple of my trucking buddies to them. I am living proof that these people can help”


“The legal team here has always kept us up to date with our case. We have been in debt for several years and finally we found an actual company that stands by what they say and helped us. God bless you guys at Nationwide!”

- Gary/Susan A.

“Please give these guys a try. I have dealt with many enrolled agents in the past and these guys are really good and they DO what say they will do. My wife’s IRS debt of almost 100K has been resolved thanks to Nationwide and there people. ED and Frank are very knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with the IRS. I give these guys 5 stars+. thanks again Ed. regards JP”

John P.

“I was very hesitant with dealing with out of the state tax firms. However after speaking with frank from nationwide, I felt confident to give them a chance. They were able to negotiate down my liability tremendously. Most important to me was communication and results which Nationwide were able to provide. I’m definitely recommending them to individuals with tax problem.”

James K.

“I was referred to Nationwide Tax Advocates by a friend. I was in tax trouble for about 6 years with that hanging over my head. I was also going through a wage garnishment. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have gotten out of it, had it not been for Nationwide. The process was long, but they prepared me for that. They got my taxes file, reduced my balance, and set me up in a payment plan. I already referred 2 people to them”

- Ayman A.

“These guys are amazing! They’ve been so helpful and knowledgeable. They really know what they’re doing and their customer service is fantastic. They really take the time to listen to your problems and find the best possible solution. If you need any tax help, don’t look any further, you won’t be disappointed!”

Sarah M.

Amazing tax consultants!!!
These guys REALLY know what they are doing. The helped me eliminate thousands in past due taxes.Then got me on a fresh start program. See these guys first!!

John V.

“Nationwide Tax Advocates were very helpful is solving my tax problem with the IRS. All my tax questions were answered in a timely manner to my satisfaction. there staff is very efficient. I would recommend them to all my friends that have a tax problem. My hat is off to Ed and staff.”

Jerry H.


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