Tax Investigation

Our Legal department requests your documents from IRS/State to get familiarized with your case to see if you will qualify for our programs. 

Penalty Abatement

This program reduces your debt by eliminating penalties, interest, and fees accrued towards your liability. 

Tax Prep

We file from simple to complex tax returns; we’ve got you covered. Our tax professionals will guarantee you the best outcome.

Offer in Compromise

This program allows us to get you a settlement offer on your tax debt saving you up to 90% of the amount that you owe. 

Currently Non-Collectible

This program assists individuals with financial hardship providing relief from any legal action the IRS or State are conducting. 

Wage/Bank Release

We can assist you with getting the garnishments or levies released so your wages goes to you and not the IRS. 

Installment Agreement

This program accommodates our clients utilizing their financials for the lowest payment option with little to no interest. 

Fresh Start Program

This program allows our clients to be compliant with outstanding balances and being tax lien free.